The International Organization for Victim Assistance

IOVA is at the forefront of efforts to get victims the prevention, assistance, reparation and rights they need.
Organization in Consultative Status with ECOSOC

IOVA Mission

The Mission of IOVA is to be a catalyst for change for victims’ rights and services, and the prevention of victimization, survivors and justice around the globe.

IOVA Vision

The Vision of IOVA: A world where human rights are not violated, and where all victims and survivors of crime and catastrophe have access to safety, support and justice.

Our Values and Guiding Principles:

Our Values: integrity, compassion, and justice.

Our Principles:

  • Victims’ rights are universal human rights; survivors need and deserve access to safety, support and justice.

  • Victims of crime and catastrophes should have consistent rights and services guaranteed by law, policy and practice.

  • All people have a right to prevention of victimization.

  • Those individuals and entities who violate victims’ rights should be held accountable for their actions.

  • International partnerships are needed to ensure that all victims of crime and catastrophe are adequately served.

  • Services to victims and survivors should be victim-centered and trauma-informed.

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IOVA is looking for new ways to engage a broader spectrum of those who want to make a difference to victim rights across the world.


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